Ruang Diri

In the name of Allah the most beneficent and merciful.

I has been raised in middle income family which our big family share different thoughts of political view either it is red or green. The uniqueness of our family and the struggles of my parents in their early years of nurturing their children has put me in deep interest and concern on the issues that related to the economy, nations, politics and people.

Thus, with the will of Allah, here I will share my views on these significant parts of human life in the best effort and fair. I believe everybody has their own stand which is also same as myself, but one of my principles is to support any matters/ issues that are truthful and oppose irrelevant actions regardless of any group either it is from the side that I’m support for or vice versa.

In the nutshell, I welcome to all readers to share with me the point of view and the way of thinking.

Thanks to all.

Aizuddin Mohamad Noor


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