Go Against The Grain


In the last few days, I had met several prominent political leaders in different occasions. Alhamdulillah during the meeting we able to channel our views and discuss numerous current issues as well as sow the seeds. After a moment, I conclude that; they know that they need to change, want to be better for stable and successful future.However the grassroots are unable to get their aspirations. They have shortage of quality talents and eventually, this has become a drawback for them.

In my opinion, if they able to get a small amount of quality manpowers is much better than if they have enormous grassroots but do not has quality. Thus,in the way forward, the grassroots need to be nurtured with the most basic attributes but really carry weight which are faith and takwa (pious) since muslims can only get success in the world and hereafter through taqwa. ”They will be of no use to thee in the sight of Allah. it is only Wrong-doers (that stand as) protectors, one to another: but Allah is the Protector of the Righteous” [Surah al-Jathiyah 45:19].

Indeed, a good, pious leader is also need to be nurtured in order to get the good and pious followers. Inspired by the history of Sultan Muhamad al-Fateh; the best king will get best followers (army). Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh and his armies able to conquer the Constantinople  after 800 years Rasullah S.A.W. said; ” Constantinople will be conquered by the muslims.The King is the best king ever and his armies are the best armies ever” (narrated by Imam Ahmad). In short, the secret of this triumph was they (this best emperor and followers) strongly uphold the Quran and Sunnah throughout their daily life.

Theoretically, on papers, things mentioned above is easy as ABC. In contrast, down-to-earth, it is difficult as a Greek puzzle. Since the path is more likely go against the grain. ‘If not you, who else?’

Constantinople (Istanbul)

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